Singing is a healthy, soulful, energising activity and we believe everyone has a voice and the right to sing.

Over 14 years Acabellas has grown to be a broad community of singers because of this open hearted, positive and encouraging approach to our sessions. We continue to welcome new singers every month who range from nervous to very confident. In fact nervous, confident and everything in between represents our entire community. We attract many professional singers to our weekly groups as well as people who just like to relax, sing easily and be around great music.

There are no auditions at Acabellas and you can join us at our casual sessions or make a 6 week commitment to one of our enrolment groups.
Casual groups allow you to come and go as you please. The enrolment groups retain the ease, fun and warmth of the casual groups but allow for deeper song development and more focus. In either type of group the atmosphere is light, the leadership is clear and the sessions are engaging.

Also on offer at Acabellas are private singing lessons with Lisa Singline and Sue Hindle. In 2017 Belinda McArdle is providing lessons only in small group workshops which you can learn more about here.

Use our contact form to join up our enrolment sessions  (first session at casual fee see if you like it)
Tuesday, Ocean Grove Uniting Church, The Parade, 6:30-8:00 6 weeks $80
Wednesday, VIVA (Performance Group) by invitation or application Geelong West
Thursday, Geelong West Community Hub, 89 Autumn Street Geelong West 7:00-8:30, 6 weeks $80
Or come to casual sessions
Friday, Geelong West Community Hub, 89 Autumn Street Geelong West 9am-10am, $10
Saturdays Monthly, Geelong West Community Hub, 89 Autumn Street Geelong West 9:30-11am $16
On 28 Jan 11 Feb 25 Mar 22 Apr 27 May 24 Jun 22 July 26 Aug 23 Sep 28 Oct 25 Nov 9 Dec

All the singing sessions at Acabellas are run by Belinda McArdle. Check our instrument page for singing and playing opportunities Check our wellbeing page for chanting and meditation.


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