Acabellas offers you the opportunity to explore playing instruments within a supportive group dynamic through


Music Tuition

Sessions are directed for individual learning with sensitivity and care.  A mix of practical, technical and theoretical aspects of music is offered with an interactive approach for students to have direct input on their individual learning outcomes. There is an option to concentrate on one instrument at a time or incorporate a combination in singing, guitar or ukulele lessons.
The journey to find and develop your unique voice is a personal and individual one. Within nurturing and supported sessions, you will be encouraged to discover and develop your vocal abilities using a range of technical exercises and songs.
Whether you are at the beginner or intermediate level, you will advance your skills with a greater focus on rhythm guitar techniques, by learning new chords, developing strumming patterns and finger strengthening exercises. 
The ukulele is a fun and accessible instrument to learn which can yield rapid results.  A wide selection of songs is used to explore playing different chords and develop skills in strumming with some inclusion of musical theory where appropriate.

*Children 30 minute lesson - $27          *Adults 45 minute lesson - $35

Enquire about private tuition by contacting Lisa Singline  or Sue Hindle.
Belinda McArdle is only offering group singing workshops across the year. Click here to enquire or book your place.

Singing with Strings and Things

Do you play a musical instrument and love to sing? Sing and play your instrument with a fun supportive group. Explore and develop your musical skills. NOT exclusive to strings…ALL musical instruments and skill levels are welcome. (Guitar, ukulele, drums, percussion, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, flute, violin, keyboard, harmonium, pure vocals and auto harp have all had an appearance in the group...many more welcome!) Songs are developed creatively with separate focus on vocals and playing. Book in for a 5-6 week block. For more information or to book contact Lisa at

Our dates for 2017 are:
Term 1 Block I: 2 Feb-2 March $85        Block II: 9 March-6 April $85
Term 2 Block I: 20 April-25 May $100    Block II: 1 June-6 July $100
Term 3 Block I: 20 July-24 August $85   Block II: 31 Aug-28 Sept $85
Term 4 Block I: 5 Oct-9 Nov $100          Block II: 16 Nov-21 Dec $100


 Acabellas Drumming Circle

The Acabellas Drumming Circle is a great way to get in touch with your own rhythm using djembe drums and percussion instruments. Designed for all levels of experience, you will have the chance to learn a diverse range of rhythms.  This group meets once a month on a Saturday 10-11am. Cost per session is $15. Bring your own drum or there are drums are available.
For more information or to book contact Lisa at

2017 Drumming Circle Dates:
7 January/ 4 February/ 4 March/ 1 April/ 6 May/ 3 June/ 1 July/ 5 August/
2 September/ 7 October/ 11 November/ 2 December
Geelong West Senior Citizen’s Hall, 89 Autumn Street, Geelong West

Drumming Workshops

Djembe drumming is a great for building self-confidence and self-expression as well as creating strong team work within group settings. Previous clients include: Sacred Heart College, Bethany Family Services, Clonard College, CHIP Geelong

If you would like to book a drumming workshop for your school or organisation please contact Lisa at

Ukulele Workshops

The 'Sensory' Ukulele Sound Series

This series of workshops will incorporate a beautiful selection of songs focused on the sensory theme of our 6 senses, including an original song especially written for the workshop. For all experience levels although some basic playing experience is recommended. Cost per session is $25.
For more information or to book contact Lisa at

Saturday dates for 2017 Ukulele Sound Series Workshops are:

I Sight – 18 March/ II Sound – 17 June / III  Scent - 15 July/
IV Touch  – 16 September/ V Taste – 21 October/ VI Feel – 16 December

Geelong West Senior Citizen’s Hall, 89 Autumn Street, Geelong West

Ukulele for Beginners

You will be guided in these beginner ukulele workshops to learn a few songs and some playing skills, with a focus on basic chords and strumming that will have you accompanying sing-a-longs with immediate enjoyment.  
Cost per session is $25.

For more information or to book contact Lisa at

2017 Saturday Worskhop Dates:
I – 20 May/ II – 19 August/ III- 18 November

Geelong West Senior Citizen’s Hall, 89 Autumn Street, Geelong West

Ukulele 5 Week Beginner Group Lessons

Group lessons in ukulele for beginners will be available in 2017. 60 minute lessons. 5 weeks for $95. To express your interest please email Lisa at


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